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We are a non-profit organization that is devoted to the conservation and understanding of raptor species worldwide. Our mission is to make the world a better place for raptors through education and science. Our vision is to improve awareness and appreciation of raptors globally. We offer raptor and falconry programs and experiences using trained raptors in order for the public to not only enjoy these beautiful birds up close but to have a better understanding of the role in our ecosystem as an apex predator.

The ancient culture of Falconry has played a pioneering role in raptor conservation and the Center will conserve that heritage through ethical practices and education. We provide presentations about the history of Falconry and workshops for those who wish to explore the culture for themselves.

We are not a roadside tourist attraction!! We are making a difference…
Northern Arizona is in desperate need of a raptor rehabilitation center that specializes in raptor medicine. Currently, Northern Arizona raptors that get themselves into trouble have nowhere to go to get competent medical attention. In addition, the closest avian veterinarian is three hours away; therefore, even our healthy birds have to endure a six-hour round trip just for a simple check-up. Our major goal for the Center is to build a state-of-the-art avian hospital for injured/sick raptors to seek treatment and to have a teaching facility for those that are specializing in raptor medicine.

Dr. Losee is an active researcher and believes research is essential to the conservation of raptors. Without the knowledge gained from research, there are no avenues for education. We cannot educate what we do not know, and we cannot conserve what we love if we are ignorant; therefore, adding to the conversation of science is vital to making the world a better place for raptors.

To see a little bit of our research work, please check out our collaborator’s website: https://hoyiwan.wixsite.com/website/collaborators?fbclid=IwAR217uf9vueC0ko_bhggfGuZBSSN-OKu0mcf51zYi7yCvJC0WUQSCHKm4Ao

Our ultimate vision for the Center is to be specialty center devoted to raptor species from all over the world for the public to visit and enjoy. 

We are new and expanding! IRFC has good things to do! Please visit our ‘Want to Help?!’ page to see how you can make the world a better place for raptors!

We are new and expanding! IRFC has good things to do! Please visit our ‘Want to Help?!’ page to see how you can make the world a better place for raptors!


Meet IRFC’s humans!

Michele Losee, Ph.D. – Executive Director
Intellectual Standard: Raptor Ecologist and Master Falconer

PHOTO CREDIT: Cathy Wyatt - Shutterfairy Images

PHOTO CREDIT: Cathy Wyatt - Shutterfairy Images

I am a master falconer and raptor ecologist with research focusing on Golden Eagle population dynamics and nesting ecology in western North America. Additionally, I hold a PhD in Environmental Studies, MS in Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies, a MS in Environmental Policy and Management and BS in Biology.

For more than 17 years, I have been involved in raptor rehabilitation, conservation and public education with various organizations. 

I love all things raptor. When I am not studying raptors, I am flying raptors in the fields of Northern Arizona and when not doing that, I am educating the public about raptors. I love all birds but, I have decided to devote my entire life to making the world a better place for raptors. In 2017, I founded the International Raptor and Falconry Center as decade long desire to fulfill that goal. 


President - Rena Dearden - June 2018-2020
Secretary - Jeanna Mandeville - September 2018-2020 EMAIL: Jeanna@raptorfalconrycenter.org
Treasurer - Jodi Nicholson -
June 2018-2020

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