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Finley's Baby Shower Fundraiser!

  • The Toasted Owl - EASTSIDE 5200 East Cortland Boulevard Flagstaff, AZ, 86004 United States (map)

Join us in welcoming this little bundle of feathers, named Finley, to the world. Finley is a male American Kestrel hatched on June 7, 2017. Just like any new human baby, he requires special ‘things’. Not only will this fundraiser provide the necessary micro equipment for the tiniest falcon in North America but also we will have a demonstration on the distinctive equipment required for kestrels used in falconry.

Prior and during the shower, there will be baby gift registry that guests can look over necessities, including its cost, and decide on a gift for the baby kestrel.  While enjoying food and drinks, we will have a brief overview of falconry, then right into how the equipment is used.

Finally, we will introduce everyone to Finley, the guest of honor! We will talk about how we train her for falconry and education. We will do a training demonstration to show off what he has learned so far. He will only be two months old but guests might be surprised how fast this little package of power develops skills to survive in the big world.

We will also discuss the American Kestrel natural history and the conservation dilemma that his wild counterparts are facing. We will end the presentation with a Q&A session and an opportunity to see him up close and to take photos.

We will do a gift presentation and thanking those who contributed to the benefit of such a precious personality.

At this moment there is no cost to attend but hope you will consider buying a baby gift or making a donation. 

Gift registry is coming soon! Or you can see the items at the shower. 

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