March 25, 2017 - March 22, 2018

Sadly on March 22, 2018 we lost our precious Kieran to a reaction to a drug called Panacur. He died in my arms while racing to the vet two and half hours away. 

He had to have been one of the most loved Harris Hawks on the planet. Everyone close to him is having a very hard time with his death...especially me. I will never forget all of his cheerleaders and how everyone at the AZ Meet screamed and cheered as he was presented with his first game pin. I sure hope he knew how much he was loved. We will miss him terribly.

Please continue to read below about Kieran's very short but special time with us. This senseless and tragic loss has given us a deeper motivation to bring avian medicine to Northern Arizona. If Kieran had the option of going to an avian vet as he was crashing, he might have had a chance to survive. We will never know. He was just three days shy of his first birthday. 

Soon a memorial fund will be formed in his name in an effort to bring this needed service to the raptors of Northern Arizona, 

Kieran (kee-rawn) is a male Harris Hawk hatched March 25, 2017. Kieran, which means 'little dark one' in gaelic, will be educating the public all about raptors as apex predators through falconry. He began his training in July; however, by the end of July he was very sick with a severe respiratory infection that nearly cost him his life. He fought hard and we fought hard for him by providing intense medical treatments. We are happy to announce, not only did he survive and without any permanent lung/air sac damage, but he caught his first rabbit on Christmas Eve! 

Coral and Kieran together

Coral and Kieran together

Kieran catches a rabbit at his first falconry meet!

Kieran catches a rabbit at his first falconry meet!

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