What We Do!

We offer a variety of educational programs, lectures, workshops, experiences and adventures. 



Formal programs: pre-K to 12th grade

as well as university and adults

Are you an educator who is looking for a different approach to your biology or environmental science curriculum? Invite our Flying Team for a visit!

Our programs are created using science-based knowledge and can be designed to your curriculum requirements. All programs are conducted by our Executive Director, Michele Losee, a raptor ecologist and active researcher.

All programs finish with at least one live raptor on the glove and an informal Q&A session. 

Below are just examples of programs that we offer so, if you have something really unique; we can make a teaching moment out of any ideas! In addition, all programs can be modified for university or adult level programs.

RAPTOR BIOLOGY – This program explores raptor anatomy using replica skeletal parts and photographs of different species to show the variances among raptor species based on their survival strategies used in the wild. Dissecting and examining feathers and raptor pellets is always a favorite way to demonstrate the unique biology of raptors.

RAPTORS AND PEOPLE – This program focuses on how humans impact raptors and discussing ways the students can help raptors in their everyday lives is an excellent way to develop good environmental stewardship.

WHERE RAPTORS LIVE – This program focuses on where raptors live and why all over the world. Topics covered are habitat characteristics and prey choices as well as hunting style used by various species based on prey, land cover and flight anatomy. A guided tour of species distribution and conservation status can be included if time permits.

FALCONRY-THE GENESIS OF RAPTOR CONSERVATION – This program encompasses the history of falconry and the rarely known fact that falconers pioneered the raptor conservation we know today. This is a great program for older students as well as adults that touch on a facet of topics such as biology, governmental policy, history and cultural heritage. A truly interdisciplinary approach to why we are fortunate enough to enjoy raptor species such as the Peregrine Falcon.





Outreach and Corporate Events

Have a festival, outreach or corporate event you would like to make more interesting? Invite a raptor! Nothing inspires visitors more than seeing a live raptor up close.




Falconry/Raptor Experiences

As of September 2018, the Flying Team is being conditioned for flying after a long summer moult. They should be ready by late September.

BASIC RAPTOR EXPERIENCE (1 hour) – This experience allows you to experience a free flying hawk up close all while learning about the natural history of their wild counterparts. 


This is a hands-on learning experience using a free flying hawk. This is for those who would like a little more detail on the aspects of falconry. Learn a few basics about training a raptor to hunt cooperatively with a human.


Join us in the field to experience falconry while hunting in the fields of Northern Arizona.


Learn captive raptor management and raptor husbandry including housing, diet and basic medical issues. Followed by falconry methods of training using operant conditioning and positive reinforcement, weight management and equipment making and instruction. Federal and State regulations will be covered.

If there is something that you need or if there is no availability, PLEASE CONTACT US! We can work together.

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