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Caring for our Flying Team properly is our highest priority. We only feed the best food that is sprinkled with the best supplements specifically made for raptors. They drink filtered water with added electrolytes during flying sessions. Each bird goes for a 'post-flying season' check-up every year. This includes an exam, bloodwork and treatment for parasites that might have been ingested from eating wild prey.

Our Flying Team wears only high-quality equipment such as Marshall's radio telemetry and sports only the best falconry equipment. 

Our mailing address: PO Box 33, Cornville, AZ 86325


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Our Flying Team only sees a certified Avian Veterinarian. Birds are very unique in medical care and treatment of illness can be very difficult so, only the best for our team. With this type of speciality, medical care is costly!!

Our veterinary clinic is located in Mesa; therefore, even the drive is long and costly. Dr. Driggers and his team are well worth the drive. 

A gift certificate from Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic would be a great help during 'check-up' season. One well-visit for one bird ranges from $150-$200 so, anything helps! 



Each bird on our Flying Team wears a radio telemetry transmitter for their security and our peace of mind. All our birds wear only the best that Marshall has to offer which is UHF radio telemetry. Batteries, Track Packs and clips can get costly to replace during flying season. We would like to add GPS capabilities as well. And as our team expands, more equipment will become necessary. 

In addition, we buy only the best falconry supplies for our Flying Team. We change anklets and bells to keep things safe and comfortable. Also, flying jesses are easily lost in the field and mews jesses need to be in good condition for safety.

A gift certificate to Marshall's and/or Western Sporting would offset these costs. No gift is too small! 

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